We are a group of psychology professionals who came together because of our concerns about the impact on individuals and the general population, due to restrictions and media communications, which we have been closely observing since March. 


One of our projects is the Open Letter to Policy Makers and the Public, for which we had the privilege to collaborate with co-signers from a wide range of specialisms – including clinical, educational, counselling and forensic psychologists, psychotherapists and academics – who work across the age span (children to elders) and in different settings (e.g., schools, hospitals, community, forensic, higher education). Among co-signatories, there are a variety of opinions about the current situation , which are not aligned with any other group or single political or contextual view. This joint effort was in relation to psychological concerns, some of which are outlined in the Open Letter.  







We are aware that psychological impacts can sometimes be harder to spot and to talk about within society.  Our aim is to raise awareness about relevant psychological concerns and facilitate more balanced conversations, which consider all aspects of being human – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and social.  


We hope our work can be a step in developing solutions and policy decisions, alongside other professionals and citizens, which move us towards improved individual and collective wellbeing.


We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others who share these goals.